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JustVapeZ opened on November 23, 2012 in Del City Oklahoma. We opened our secound location on 240 & Western in south Oklahoma City in September 2013. Here at JustVapeZ we are passionate about vaping. We enjoy being able to help smokers make the switch to a healthier alternative. We pride our self on top notch customer service and the most knowledgable employees! We strive to have quality products at a price you can afford. We hope you can make it by to visit us we would love to meet you!


Hello I am  Terri Woods, I started vaping in July of 2012 in order to quit smoking. After a week of trying it I had completely quit smoking. I had said at the beginning I was only going to vape until I could quit smoking and then I was going to quit vaping. In the week that I had tried it my mind changed, I feel in love with the product and how easy it was to quit using it. I have 4 kids and running around with them at the park was nearly immpossible and after just a week I noticed I could breath better, I wasnt coughing up my lungs every morning, my house smelled better, and I was saving money!!!! After a couple of months of turning my friends on to vaping and seeing how happy they were they could quit too I realized I wanted to help more people be able to quit. We then took a leap of faith, I quit my full time job and we opened A Vapor store in Del City. We now have 2 locations in Oklahoma and my soon to be husband quit his full time job as well. Vaping has now become a not only a healthier  alternative, a career, or a hobby, it is my life style. Some of my favorite flavors at JustVapeZ are Dracula, Strawberry Juilous, Gold Rush, and many many more. My favorite set up is my Nemesis Clone with my patriot clone, or my patriot clone on my new Hana Mod V1. I hope to get to meet each and everyone of you!

My Vaping Advice - When you are first starting out, give it 1 week, 7 days, and then if you still want a cigarette smoke one and tell me it does not taste disgusting, and always remeber switching to vaping will be the easiest, hardest thing you have ever done.

Thank you

Terri VapeZ

Hello i'm Brad Bennett 

My name is Wesley Robinson, I started smoking in 4th grade, quit for awhile and picked it back up the day I turned 18. I quit smoking fully on January 1st 2013. I originally tried vaping with sub-par equipment and had no help on how to use it, but I originally came into JustVapez as a customer and started learning everything I could. A week after I started vaping, cigarettes didn't even taste the same. I started working at JustVapez on April 3, 2013. I applied for the job becasue I wanted to make a living off of what I am passionate about; helping people quit smoking, and tinkering with vape gear. I am not the Assitant Store Manager at JustVapeZ in Del City. My favorite JustVapeZ flavors are; Crembango, Sun Of A Beach, Orange Julius, and Vape Sauce. My favorite set up from JustVapez is a Nemesis clone with a Patriot clone on top. 

My Vaping tip - Don't give up. When you have problems with something , learn more and keep trying, everything will get easier.

Can't wait to meet you guys!

Thank you,

Wesley VapeZ

Hi my name is Amber!!! I'm 26 years old, I have 3 amazing children and  I was a smoker since i was 15. I started vaping January of 2013. I made the switch to vaping because of my kids. I was tired of waking up in the morning wheezing and coughing up the nastiest gunk and couldn't play with my kids, running around jumping on the trampoline or  playing basketball was out of the question. I started working for justvapez in may of 2013 and I am now the Store Manager at Del City JustVapeZ, I wanted to  work for JustVapeZ so I could be apart of someones success in quitting smoking. I wanted to be a part of a team that really cared about their customers and the success of being tobacco free!!!! My favorite flavors at JustVapeZ are morning wood, strawberry julius, cloud 9. Its hard to pick just one flavor they are all great flavors! My favorite set up is r simple a 1300 twist battery and a aspire tank!  I also like to relax with  pieces clone with a patriot clone!!


My Vaping Advice - Make sure you are getting all the right information and your vaping responsibly.


Thank you, 

Amber VapeZ

Hi I am Heather, I started Vaping Sept 24th 2012 I started Vaping was because I tried everything else to quit smoking and nothing ever really lasted. After 15 years of smoking and always waking up unable to breathe, I had enough.. I started using the v2 cigs-a-likes since then I have tried many differnt types of e-cigs and my favorite setup is an aqua tank and on top of a k101. I also love aspire tanks with a simple ego battery. I started working for Just Vapez in sept 2013. My always go to flavors are Crembango, Sharkleberry, Brainwave, and Ice Vaperz. I can't wait to get the chance to talk with everyone!



My Vaping Advice -


Thank you Heather VapeZ

Hi my name is Chris I started Vaping in June 2012 because i wanted to be able to eliminate the smell from my house and be a healthier. I started working for JustVapeZ in September of 2013, I wanted to work for JustVapeZ so I could help other experience the joy I had from a smoke free life. My favorite flavors would be Dracula, and gold rush and my all time favorite setup is my Private V2 with my trident, however i also enjoy keeping it simple with a 1300 EGO twist and an aspire tank. Vaping turned into a lifestyle for me not just a hobby.
 My Vaping Advice - When something goes wrong ask for help chances are it is something really simple don't give up! 
Thank you Chris VapeZ

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Business Hours

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